Boundless operates on a "freemium" model; that is, we offer some free features and some paid features. The short way of explaining this is that our content is free, and our platform is paid for by students as a textbook replacement!


  • The content. Anyone can visit Boundless content pages anytime and read as much content as they want about any of our subjects, whether it's Sociology, Algebra, Economics, Biology... or more. We truly believe in making content accessible to everyone and continually improving that content. We believe education is a right, not a privilege.
  • Submitting feedback and changes to the content. Anyone can create an account and suggest edits or give feedback to the content. We review all feedback internally before pushing it live. All accepted feedback is pushed live on the site, but old versions can be accessed by clicking the "History" tab on the side of the content page.


  • Course delivery (paid by students or institution). Educators can freely use our platform as much as they like to customize or author their own content or quiz questions. However, if they want to deliver these materials to their students, then the students will pay $29.99 per course or the institution will pay on behalf of the students. Here are all of the features that are bundled into this package:
    • For students ($29.99 per student per course paid by the student or institution; bulk pricing available): 
      • Lifetime access to customized content delivered through our interactive e-reader, which has the capability for notes, highlights, flashcards, and practice quizzes.
      • Lifetime access to customized assignments, either written by their professor or taken off-the-shelf from Boundless.
      • Ability to take assignments and get a grade back immediately, all within their LMS.
      • Offline access (e.g. PDFs or ePubs)
    • For educators (free for educators, students pay for their materials)
      • Ability to create assignments and post them in their LMS, where they will be automatically graded and synced with the LMS gradebook.
      • Ability to customize content: can reorganize Boundless content to match their syllabus, and even add in their own content.
      • Ability to customize assignment: can add questions to Boundless quizzes, or even write own quizzes, all of which are auto-graded.
      • Insight into whether students are reading the textbook or not.
      • Offline access (e.g. PDFs or ePubs)
  • Self-guided courses. Coming soon!

Please feel free to reach out if you ever have questions about Boundless's freemium model.