Typically, Boundless does not offer offline functionality for its textbooks. We are a digital product similar to a Kindle or iBooks ebook and we are available on most Windows/Mac devices including personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Remaining digital allows us to keep our content library up-to-date, and to incorporate changes and improvements when they are made. 

We do have some of our content available for iBooks and Kindle, which can be read offline. Please note, these books are not linked to your Boundless.com account and are not aligned to specific textbooks. They also do not come with integrated study tools like flashcards, quizzes or in app highlighting. You can access our iBooks here and our Kindle books here

If you are an educator using our courseware, you may request a static PDF version of your book that you may print (or share with any of your students who want to print it out) by emailing support@boundless.com. Note that the PDF versions will not contain interactives or videos.