1. Create your course with Canvas. Once you've set up your course, you'll need to add the Boundless app so you can access assignments and quizzes or add a complete textbook.

2. Click the Settings tab on the lefthand menu.

3. Once you're on the Settings page, click the Apps tab at the top.

4. On the apps page, you can scroll down to find the Boundless app or simply type "Boundless" into the search bar.

5. When you see the Boundless app, click it to go to the App page. Then click "Add App." You should be prompted with a menu asking you for a consumer key and shared secret. These codes connect your Boundless account and your Canvas account so you can view student data analytics right within Canvas. Don't worry, we'll get them in the next step.

6. With this Canvas page open, go to a new tab or window and go to Boundless.com. Click "Register." Enter your information, including the SAME email address that you used to sign up for Canvas. Select Educator.

7. Once you've registered, click the gear icon in the top righthand corner, then click Account Settings. 

8. Copy your consumer key with the copy button. Return to the Canvas page and paste the consumer key into the Boundless app setup. Then, copy your shared secrete and paste it into the Boundless app setup. You've just set up the Boundless app!

9. Refresh the page. You should see the Boundless tab on the menu on the left of the screen. You've installed the Boundless app!

If you encounter any issues throughout this process, please contact support@boundless.com.