It is easy to add images, videos, and graphs using our in-line add media menu. First, create space for the new media by creating a line break. You will see a little gray plus sign:

Click into that plus sign to reveal the menu for adding media:

Adding an image

To add an image, click Add Image (the second item in the menu.)

If you found the image online, you need to download the image to your computer and then upload it to Boundless when prompted. Once you upload the image, you need to enter the source information, including original source URL, source name, title of the image, and licensing:

Once you've added this information, hit "Save," and your image will be in the content!

Adding a video

To add an embedded video, click the Add Embed button in the Add Media menu and then paste the embed code from YouTube. (Only videos hosted on YouTube are currently supported.)

Adding a graph

You can add beautiful, interactive graphs using our integrated Desmos plug-in. Simply click Add Graph and input your equations. Visit for more information.

Adding an external link

You can link to outside sources that might be useful by hitting the Add Link button: