You can create an assignment from any Boundless content page or from within your class page. Simply follow the instructions for either scenario below. 

Create an assignment from Boundless content

When you visit a Boundless subject hub (ex:  Art History), you can browse readings and quizzes tied to that content. As you're browsing, simply click the green assign buttons visible on any content page. See examples below.

From there, simply follow the prompts to add the assignment to an existing class on Boundless or add the assignment to a new class:

You can add a due date for the assignment through this setup. When you create an assignment for an existing class, it will be added to students' accounts.

Create an assignment from your class page

You can follow the same process as above to assign readings and quizzes to existing classes, or select assignments directly from your class page.

To do so, navigate to your teaching dashboard and select your class. Here, you'll see the option to create an assignment. 

When you click this button, you can choose to select an assignment from the Boundless subject hub (see directions above) or from your saved resources or class textbook. 

Simply choose where you'd like to select an assignment and follow the prompts to share with your class.