Boundless textbooks are a great resource for your classroom. They are completely free for you to use as an educator and are affordably priced at $29.99 for each of your students. To get started simply click on Books from our Subject Hub pages.

Once you arrive on the subject level textbook page you’ll have the opportunity to use the textbooks in 20+ other subjects created by Boundless or to use one of our textbook alternatives. A textbook alternative uses base content from a Boundless textbook and orders it on a chapter-by-chapter basis to leading titles in the field.

Once you select a text that you like, you’ll be taken to the page for that book. From here you can see reviews and a table of contents overview of what is inside the book. Click into the table of contents to dive into the content by selecting a chapter to view. This is the same reading experience that your students will receive as a Boundless user.

In the upper right hand corner can search the content for key terms that you might be interested in.

In the header you can view flashcards with spaced repetition software, quizzes, and your highlights and notes. Once assigned to your class, students will pay $29.99 to access your Boundless book and any assignments you create. This is a one-time charge and students can access their books indefinitely, even after the semester ends!