To search for concepts, key terms, and more inside your textbook, start by selecting a title from your home dashboard.

When you've navigated to the Table of Contents page for your textbook, locate the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Click here and begin typing for the concept or term you're interested in.

This will prompt Boundless to pull up a list of anywhere that concept or term appears in your textbook. In this example, you can see that "cell structure" is covered in Chapter 7 of the textbook, as well as mentioned in several other sections and points of the text. Just click on any of the search results to instantly be transferred to that section of the textbook.

You can also search your textbook from any point inside the book. On any page, you'll see the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Typing in a concept or term in this bar will pull up the search results.


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