Customizing Your Book: The Book Editor

1) If you don’t already have a Boundless account, sign up using the “+ Sign Up” button on the top right hand corner of the Boundless homepage. Make sure to select the “Educator” option. If you already have an account, log in using the “Log in” button immediately to the right:

2) Once you’re logged in, navigate to the the Boundless Subjects page and select one of the Boundless subjects from which you will create your customized book:

3)  Next, select the name of the Boundless subject to the right of the book cover icon:

4) This will take you to the Table of Contents of that particular Boundless book. Now select the “Customize” button above the Table of Contents:

5) Create a name for your customized book and then select the “Customize your book" button:

Don’t worry if you haven’t come up with the perfect title yetyou can always change it later.

6) This will launch the book editor, which allows you to customize the Table of Contents of your book.

Before you get started, here’s some important information about Boundless content and the book editor:

Structure of the Table of Contents:  All Boundless books are organized by chapters, sections, and atoms. (Note that atoms are sometimes referred to as “concepts” on the Boundless site.) You’ll see a list of all of the chapters in the book on the right. Select the arrow next to a chapter to see the sections included in that particular chapter. Similarly, select the arrow next to a section to see the atoms included in that particular section. (Also note the “Collapse all” and “Expand all” options at the top of the page.)

More on Atoms: Wait, what’s an atom? An atom is the smallest unit of Boundless content. It’s a content page that covers a single learning objective. We divide Boundless books at the learning objective level to allow you, the instructor, the greatest flexibility in customizing your course. To review an atom from the book editor page, select the eye icon to the right of the atom’s title:

Reordering: You can rearrange chapters, sections, and atoms by dragging and dropping them.

Renaming: You can rename chapters and sections by selecting their titles.

Removing: You can remove chapters, sections, and atoms by selecting the “x” that appears to the right of the chapter, section, or atom title.

Adding from the Boundless Library: You can add chapters, sections, and/or atoms from other Boundless books by using the “Search for anything” option to the left of the book outline. Note that you can search all subjects at once or you can search by an individual subject. If you find chapters, sections, and/or atoms in another Boundless book that you’d like to add to your customized book, simply drag and drop them into your Table of Contents on the right.

In addition to picking and choosing from the Boundless content library, you can author your own content. For information on that, visit our article: Adding Your Own Content to your Book.