Boundless books can be purchased directly online by students using a credit card in seconds. However, for situations where students need to purchase their textbooks through the school bookstore for any reason (e.g. using financial aid vouchers), we are more than happy to send access codes for bookstores to sell. 

Here are our process and policies:

  1. Help us get in touch with your bookstore manager! Feel free to send us their contact information at
  2. The bookstore manager can request as many codes as they like for students to purchase for $29.99. Codes are one-time use and give students lifetime access to their book.
  3. We will invoice the bookstore for 75% of the total price. (e.g. a student will pay $29.99 per book; we will invoice the bookstore for $22.49) We invoice based on utilization: for example, if you ordered 100 codes and 88 were utilized, we would invoice you for 88 purchases.
  4. Reach out if you ever need more codes!

Attached to this document are forms that can be used to print out access codes and deliver them to their students.